Terms of Service

All Service Providers should familiarise themselves with the laws and regulations which govern the area in which they are trading.
User(s) – All persons registered with Peeps
Service Provider(s) – A User registered to provide a service or event (A Service Provider is a User and some Users are Service Providers)
User Content – All content published by Users on the Website or Application
Website – www.peepsapp.com
Application – Peepsapp (both iOS and Android versions)
Peeps – Peeps is the trading name for The-App-Co Limited (All references to Peeps can be defined as being references to The-App-Co Lmited)
Third Party Providers – Paypal, Apple, Google

A Service Provider can nominate one of the following cancellation policies to operate with respect to his/her Peep(s). These cancellation policies will only apply where a User pays for a booking in advance through Peeps.
Strict – A User can cancel however he/she will not receive a refund.
Moderate – A User may cancel and will receive a refund if cancelled 5 days prior to the booking date. Peeps will deduct from the refund an administration charge equating to 10% of the cost of the booking. If the User provides less than 5 days notice, he/she will not receive a refund and the payment will be distributed to the Service Provider net of fees.
Loose -  A User can cancel at any time and will receive a refund. Peeps will deduct from the refund an administration fee equating to 10% of the cost of the booking.
Where a Service Provider opts to take payment on the day of the booking, Users will be able to cancel at any time and Peeps will not refund the booking fee to the Service Provider.
There will be a “cooling off period” whereby a User may cancel a booking without cost and receive a full refund if the cancellation is undertaken within an hour of making the booking.

Where a Service Provider opts to take advance payment through Peeps, Peeps will charge a fee equating to 5% of the gross cost of the booking plus a 20 pence administration charge. This will be charged to the Service Provider and deducted from the booking payment automatically.
Where a Service Provider chooses to take payment on the day of the booking, Peeps will charge a fixed fee of £1.50 to the Service Provider.

Miscellaneous Terms:

  1. All Users are responsible for ensuring that they comply with the laws and regulations governing their country and state.
  2. Peeps is a trading name and provides a platform which enables Service Providers to connect and take bookings and payment from customers. Under no circumstance does Peeps or The-App-Co Limited have any contractual obligation to a Service Provider in the event that a User does not fulfill their promise or to a User in the event that a Service Provider fails to fulfil their obligations. A contractual relationship under contract law exists as a bipartite agreement strictly between the Service Provider and User and we do not accept any accountability should one party fail to fulfill their terms of contract. Peeps acts solely as a facilitator to connect a Service Provider with a User.
  3. The Peeps application and website is intended solely for persons who are 18 years of age or older. Any access to or use of the Site, Application or Services by anyone under the age of 18 is strictly prohibited. By accessing or using the Website, Application or Services you represent and warrant that you are aged 18 or older.
  4. Peeps grants you consent to download and install a copy of the Application on each mobile device in your ownership on a limited non-exclusive and non-transferable licence. You may use the Application solely for your own use on a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable licence basis however you do not reserve the right to sublicense. You agree to be bound by the usuage rules and regulations set out by our Third Party Providers. The rules, terms and conditions of our Third Party Providers can be found on their respective websites however Peeps can provide a copy of such documents if requested.
  5. You will not publish, alter, adapt, modify, distribute, license, sell or otherwise exploit the Application or Website.
  6. Peeps contains links to third party websites and it does not accept any liabilty for any content, products or services on such third party websites. The User accepts full responsibility for the use of any third party websites linked to the Application or Website.
  7. We would welcome any feedback you may have on our service and any feedback which is provided remains under the ownership of Peeps.
  8. Any failure of Peeps to act on a breach of any one of the terms set out within this document does not constitute a waiver of future enforcement of these terms

    Personal Data:

  9. We will not disclose your details, transaction and booking information and any other sensitive personal data to any third parties without your prior express consent except where we are under a legal obligation to do so and in such special circumstance, we will only disclose details to a recognised governmental body.
  10. Peeps does reserve the right to gather, distribute and publish statistical information on general usage of the Application and Website.


  11. Whilst we monitor User Content, Peeps does not undertake checks to verify the accuracy of a Service Provider's advertisement, nor do we accept liability for any inaccuracy, misdescription or misrepresentation with respect to an advertisement or advertised service. In the event that a User is not satisfied with the service a Service Provider has provided or the accuracy of a Service Provider's advertisement, or believes the advertisement to be misleading, please report your complaint to the Peeps team and we will investigate and, if appropriate, remove the listing and/or terminate the account. Peeps is, however, a listing intermediary and any legal recourse due to a misdescription, misrepresentation or breach of contract is strictly a matter between the Service Provider and the User. We would strongly advise all users to satisfy themselves that a Service Provider has the appropriate certification, insurance and qualification where appropriate for the service being offered.
  12. We reserve the right to remove any listing in the event that we feel that the content is misleading, inappropriate, illegal or for any other stipulated reason.
  13. All content is owned by The-App-Co Limited and Users are licenced to create and amend a User profile page and a Peep page(s).


  14. All service providers are responsible for declaring their earnings to the respective authority for the purpose of taxation in the relevant jurisdiction. Peeps will not accept any liability for any claim as a result of a User's failure to pay sufficient tax.


  15. All users and service providers agree to use Peeps in a proper and correct manner and in accordance with the terms set out herein. We reserve the right to close any account in the event that it is being used inappropriately or should we suffer complaint. The Users are expected to respect Copyright and Trademarks and where any enfringement exists, Peeps reserves the right to remove User content or terminate a User's account altogether.

    Terminating an Account:

  16. A User agrees to cancel any pending bookings prior to terminating their account.
  17. A User is permitted to cancel their account at any time and without notice. In the event that a User terminates their account without cancelling any outstanding bookings, all bookings will be cancelled and any funds held on account by Peeps will be distributed (a) in accordance with the cancellation policy where a Customer has instigated the cancellation and, (b) to the customer where the Service Provider has instigated the cancellation. Peeps has no obligation to delete any content from their records upon the termination of an account however information relating to the terminated account will cease to be publicly visible.
  18. Peeps reserves the right to terminate an account without prior notice, reason or compensation. In the event that an account is closed, a User will not be permitted to login, all bookings will be cancelled and all money held on account by Peeps will be reimbursed to the party Peeps believes to be the rightful beneficiary. The decision as to the distribution of such funds is at the sole discretion of Peeps.


  19. The service provider agrees to pay a fee to Peeps upon each successful booking. The fees are set out within this document under the heading “Fees”.
  20. Where the service provider has opted to take online payment through Peeps, both the service provider and the user agree that Peeps shall hold the full payment until the booking has been completed. Upon completion of the booking, the payment will be released. In the event that either party fails to deliver on their obligations as part of the transaction, Peeps will either distribute the funds to the Service Provider or reimburse the customer depending upon who is at fault and the chosen cancellation policy.
  21. In the event that a Service Provider chooses to take cash payment upon the day of the booked event, Peeps will not accept any liability for the exchange of funds between Service Provider and User. Peeps will take a fixed booking charge from the Service Provider in accordance with the fee policy.


  22. Once a booking has been made and accepted between a User and Service Provider, a contract has been formed between the parties. The user will pay consideration to the service provider for the booking which will be held by Peeps on behalf of the Service Provider. The User will be subject to the terms of the service provider, his/her cancellation policy and the terms set out by Peeps. In the event that a service provider changes his/her terms of business, any user with a booking made prior to the change will be notified of the change and be given the opportunity to terminate the contract without any penalty.
  23. The Service Provider will nominate a cancellation policy for his/her Peep and both the User and Service Provider will be bound by this cancellation policy with respect to all future bookings. In making a booking, the User is agreeing to accept the terms of the chosen cancellation policy. We would strongly recommend all Users to ensure that they are happy with the cancellation policy relating to a Peep prior to making a booking. Details of the cancellation policy can be found under the heading “Cancellation Policy”.

    Amendments & Modifications by Peeps:

  24. Peeps reserves the right to amend, modify or change the Website and/or Application or any part without notice.
  25. Peeps reserves the right to amend the terms set out herein and notice will be provided to all Users once changes have been made. In the event that such terms are unacceptable to a User, he/she may close their Peeps account with immediate effect.
  26. Peeps reserves the right to amend their fees from time to time and will provide all Users with adequate warning of any intention to make such an amendment.

    Promotion & Advertising:

  27. We would encourage Service Providers to use their User Content for self promotion but must credit Peeps.
  28. Peeps reserves the right to publish, display, broadcast or make reference to User Content as it sees fit in order to promote Peeps. When using User Content for promotion, Peeps owes a duty of care to ensure that the User is not adversely impacted, misrepresented or disadvantaged by such promotion.


  29. All use of the Peeps Website and Application is solely at the risk of the User. Peeps does not undertake background checks, registered sex offender checks or any other due diligence on their Users. Peeps does not verify the accuracy of any service being offered and does not verify the addresses of its Users. We would STRONGLY ADVISE all Users to take due care when making a booking to ensure their absolute safety, particularly when attending an appointment alone or letting somebody into their home. Whilst we are concerned by your safety, Peeps is a virtual environment and cannot be held accountable or liable for the actions or safety of its Users. We would advise you to take all necessary precautions including telling others your whereabouts and carrying a telephone.
  30. If any User suffers any offensive, violent, sexually inappropriate behaviour by another User, they are responsible for reporting it to the relevant authority as soon as practical and subsequently reporting it to Peeps who can suspend the account of the perpetrator so as to ensure the protection of others. When reporting such offences to Peeps the User should endeavour to provide a crime reference number.